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We welcome Jorna to the group as new doctoral student!

After her master thesis in the Diederich group and a internship at Syngenta we're really happy to welcome Jorna to the group! Read more 


Haru published his oxidative bromination paper! Congrats!

Harus protocol for the facile oxidative bromination of (het)arenes using TMSBr and DMSO as oxidant just got published in ChemistrySelect . Congratulations! Read more 


Lukas, Rino and Barbara published a paper on Cd(II) Chloride Complexes with (-)Sparteine as Ligand. Congratulations!

With their publication in J. Coord. Chem. they close the gap of sparteine containing complexes in group 10. And there is more to it: Different products were isolated including one of the rare examples of the (Cd2Cl7)3- anion. Read more 


Carl Philipp published an opinion piece in the Infozine

With a special issue of the Infozine (the journal of Infozentrum Chemistry) about "Metrics in Research - for better or worse?" authors from various backgrounds shared their opinion on this timely and controversial topic. Read more 


A new apprentice joined our group. A warm welcome to Sebastian!

Sebastian Küng joined our group for an apprenticeship to become a lab technician. Read more 


Rima successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations!

We're really happy and proud of you! Read more 


Takuya succesfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations!

The last member of the Cvengros group, Takuya successfully defended his doctoral thesis. We hope you enjoyed your time in the group. You will be missed!   Read more 


Fabian joins our group. A warm welcome!

Fabian Brüning started his doctorial studies in September in our group. He stayed with us before for a semester project and his master thesis. Read more 


Jirka leaves us for his home university in Prague

We're really sad to see our friend Jirka leave after a two year stay in our group to finish his dissertation in Prague. You will be missed! Read more 


Antonio wins 2017 ACS Award. Congratulations!

Antonio is the recipient of the 2017 ACS award for creative work in fluorine chemistry. Congratulations! Read more 

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