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Recent publications got highlighted

Two of our groups publications were highlighted by Chimia and by Org. Process Res. Dev.  Dmitry is main-author in both cases. Congratulations! Read more 


New Group Members

We're really happy to welcome Benson Jelier (PostDoc) and Pascal Tripet (PhD student) to our group. We hope you have a great time, learn a lot and are as successful as can be! Read more 


Natalja successfully defended her PhD!

Our trifluoromethylation team took yet another hit. Natalja successfully defended her dissertation. Read more 


Togni/Mezzetti Group Sledging Weekend

We spent three very nice days in Preda (Graubünden) accompanied by 70 cm of new snow on saturday, sledging, skiing and relaxing in winter wonderland! Read more 


Pascals Paper got accepted in Organometallics!

Pascals published his findings on N -trifluoromethyl NHC ligands and their ruthenium complexes in Organometallics . Congratulations! Read more 


Julie successfully defended her thesis yesterday!

Congratulations Julie! We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed having you! Read more 


Remo successfully defended his thesis today!

We're really happy for Remo and sad at the same time to let one of the most important group members go. Read more 


Dmitrys paper is accepted in Chem. Commun. !

Dmitry, Jiri, Fabian and Bruno report their latest results in the synthesis of quaternary alpha-perfluoroalkyl lactams. Congratulations! Read more 


Raul successfully defended his thesis today

Read more 


Julie and Natalja Paper is published!

Julie and Nataljas findings on tandem radical fluoroalkylation–cyclization was published in Org. Lett. Congratulations! Read more 

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